nginx on Windows

Yes, I am one of the 84% (although I use linux for my servers). So here are my notes for installing nginx on Windows:

  • Unzip to C:\
  • c:\nginx-1.3.0> start nginx
  • c:\nginx-1.3.0> tasklist /fi “imagename eq nginx.exe” — this should display two processes. Initially I was getting an error: (10013: An attempt was made to access a socket in a way forbidden by its access permissions). Googling made me think that another process had a lock on port 80, so I changed the port under “listen” in the nginx.conf file.

Dead simple.

It runs as a console app, not a Windows service.

  • nginx -s stop          fast shutdown
  • nginx -s quit          graceful shutdown
  • nginx -s reload     start new worker process with a new configuration, graceful shutdown of old worker processes



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